Limit the number of members in a membership level.

It would be good to have a cap for the maximum number of members in a membership level to offer an introductory discount and to test the logistics of managing a service for membership level so that it gives the business time to resolve management issues before more members are accepted.

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Currently you can do this by manually setting the status of the membership level to inactive. This will disallow new members from signing up for the membership level.

See the Status column in the Membership Level Options section of this article:
I thought setting a membership level to inactive would fully stop that level's membership system functionality, such as as renewal reminders, re-payment processing, etc.
Setting a membership level to inactive has no impact on existing customers. Everything will function as normal. It will just keep new customers from being able to sign up.
OK great - then a cap on the limit of memberships would be good. Perhaps a bit of a niche request but the objective was to have only x number of sign-ups for a particular offer.
It would be nice if there were a way to set the number of sign ups to a specific level so that you can do this automatically. We have a level we want to limit to the first 25 to sign up, and doing it manually would not work because we don't want to have to sit and watch to make sure we shut it off in time.
David F's scenario is relevant - a maximum sign-up number where you don't have to keep and eye on it and then for a customisable message or mm page appearing preventing further sign-ups.

This would be a GREAT idea. Especially for those of us offering Live-Training and giving those who purchase a membership level as an added benefit.

I'm in need of this feature as well :)

Thank you for this suggestion! This feature request or some aspect of the functionality suggested is currently being reviewed for possible inclusion in a future update. If there is additional information, this post will be updated to reflect it.

I need also a limited number of members to a bundle. Can this be fixed?

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