Integrate with Active Campaign

Integrate with Active Campaign natively

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We built a plugin for this

It's great there is a plugin but its $70 dollars.  There is an integration with convertkit for no extra cost.  And with Aweber as well, although their segmenting and automation leave a lot to be desired. 


There really should be an easier way to integrate mm with active campaign

Would LOVE an AC integration

pretty, pretty please? let's get the integration done!

Native integration with ActiveCampaign through an API would be absolutely huge for me, and a big selling point for future customers

Is it new for this to be 'in progress'?  Or did I just not notice it before?  Any estimate for when it will be done?


Native AC integration would force me off the fence to buy MM. Lack of AC integration is currently a deal breaker.


That's good news.

Does this native integration have the same functionality as this plugin?


The native integration is equivalent to our other email integrations:

The 3rd party solution you mention includes some other features beyond what our integration does.

I was so excited to upgrade this morning for this integration, but felt quite disappointed.  Integration with AC has been done in a similar way to mailchimp.  This ignores the most powerful feature in AC, the tags.  We cannot assign tags for purchases directly within MM.  This means we will need to continue with Zapier for a while.  Another bone of contention in the new MM.

All in all, pretty disappointed this morning.

yeah, that kind of sucks.  Is there a way to use an automation to add a tag after the information is sent to AC?


I concur, the lack of tagging is kind of annoying as I don't use lists as much. I wouldn't expect this to be added anytime soon, considering how long it took to roll out this integration but at least you can use Zapier as a workaround I would suspect. 

As Trisha mentioned, would it be possible to add the TAG when they hit the list (through an automation)?? Would there be any cons to this? 

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