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ClickFunnels Integration

ClickFunnels has some amazing checkout functionality, and if we could integrate their payments with MemberMouse it would be amazing. The ClickFunnels userbase has grown tremendously in the last year, and an integration with their system would put MemberMouse ahead of any other membership software. ClickFunnels has their own membership function but it is far too basic.
I agree, Clickfunnels is awesome and it would be great if we could integrate its checkout functionality.
word. much agreed.
I too would love to see Clickfunnels "talking" to Membermouse. One of my frustrations with Membermouse is that I can't easily upsale in the checkout process and ClickFunnels would solve that problem so easily!

Please add this functionality. Click pages is the new Leadpages on steroids.
Seems like it's a no-brainer to integrate with them moving forward. They are going to destroy leadpages.
Echoing my agreement on this. Clickfunnels is an amazing lead gen system that blows Leadpages and OptimizePress ot of the water. I've been using all three over the past few months and have landed on Clickfunnels. I would be all over an integration there in a heartbeat.
I just received an email asking for what I'd be looking for from a ClickFunnels / MemberMouse integration. Here was my reply ...

I’ve spent the past three months working with my dev team working with a huge combination of membership, email, and lead gen technologies prepping to launch Local Marketing Institute ( … It goes live very soon. Here is my stack:

WPEngine (hosting)
WordPress w/ Genesis child theme
MemberMouse (membership)
Stripe / PayPal (payment processing)
WP Execution Plan (content delivery … same thing used by Ryan Deiss on Digital Marketer)
ClickFunnels (to build the LMI list … lead magnet and webinar registration)
MailChimp (email)

The main thing I would want from an integration is the ability to use a ClickFunnels funnel for the subscription process instead of using a WordPress page. The advantage is that I can then use all of the A/B testing, multiple steps, and other features of ClickFunnels to see what methods and design elements best lead to a conversion. I would also want to utilize the ability to upsell within ClickFunnels from a free to paid membership, or an add-on.

Something like the following process:

ClickFunnels landing page promoting the product / sub
ClickFunnels purchase page, but integrated with MemberMouse. Should have ability to “sell” a free product / sub or a paid product / sub
ClickFunnels upsell page. For example, if I did a free membership in step 2, I’d want the ability to upsell them to a paid membership on this page. Or the ability to sell an add-on to a paid membership.

Bottom line, what I’m looking for is the ability to use ClickFunnels to optimize and tune my membership sales pages.

Hope this helps!
Hi Eric,

Thanks for sharing your ideas. A number of these are similar to what we were thinking. The integration of the front-end payment and upsell process with MM's subscription/member management would be the most compelling integration.

We've been in touch with and had a conversation with the guys at ClickFunnels and unfortunately (at the time) they weren't able to do additional development on their end to support a seamless integration and said for the time being we would have to move forward only being able to utilize their publicly available tools which currently means their webhooks (i.e. one-way communication).

They don't currently have an API that I'm aware of ( so our integration will be extremely limited based on that.

My current concern is that what we'd be able to do without their involvement will not be that compelling. Pretty much just create be able to configure MM to create an account or add a bundle when someone has gone through a funnel. We wouldn't be able to do a billing connection so you wouldn't get the benefit of MM's subscription management, card-on-file functionality, overdue payment handling, etc. for these purchases.

Even doing something like this wouldn't be that great because on the configuration screen our on end we couldn't pull a list of funnels that exist in ClickFunnels with an API so in order to configure which membership level or bundle should be associated with a funnel would involve manually entering in funnel IDs from ClickFunnels -- not a great user experience and easy to mess up.
It would be cool if we can create a new member on a free membership level from a CF opt-in page too, using just email and not asking for first name / last name / password.

I think MM can generate a password for a new user by itself so that's cool.
What I would love to do is use Clickfunnels purchase and upsell funnels and when someone purchases on their checkout pages they would be automatically added to MM into the appropriate bundle. Ideally all the purchase information would be stored in MM.

So for example, after they sign up for the newsletter, I would like to offer them a low cost product and after they submit their credit card information for that I'd like to offer them an upsell to the main from which they can buy with one click (also offer more upsells and a downsell).

Everything they buy should be automatically registered in MM with the appropriate bundles.

Another idea would be, if this isn't possible with a Clickfunnels integration, why not offering something similar here in MM? Predesigned pages with the functionality already build in? Shouldn't be that hard as your developers already know the process.
Clickfunnels looks dodgy as (I took one look a the website and thought SPAM), I would recommend steering away from this type of companies who are on par with Clickbank, Leadpages and Kickstarter (promise the world then when it doesn't work upsell **********).

Focus on creating quality products with quality information and quit looking for the quick sell. This quick sell/spam sell tactic may eventually be the downfall of the information marketing industry.
Hi I would like to also ask for an integration with MM and clickfunnels so that I can use their funnels and checkout pages (MM checkout pages are confusing and I am losing sales).

I would like the Clickfunnels check out page to be able to assign to appropriate levels and create a username/password and add the person into my member list. I have the option of using Sam Cart to do this for the same price as Clickfunnels but Clickfunnels looks like a much better value - when do you plan to integrate this?
I would seriously love ClickFunnels integration. I am not sure what I am going to do now... So I'll setup a landing page in ClickFunnels with a buy button that takes the user to a WordPress page on my Member Mouse site? Would I use a static or dynamic purchase link? Thanks
Drew, you would use a static link for this.

Thank you for your input! Even though MemberMouse will not be implementing this suggestion, your feature request provides valuable insight into the needs of our community and helps shape future plugin decisions.

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