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A lot of Ontraport user using member mouse as member site. So If member mouse do direct integration with Ontraport, it will be more usefull.

We know, Ontraport does not support direct integration with member mouse and member mouse does not support direct integration with ontraport. But there is a lot of ontraport user, who is using member mouse. So If member mouse mouse developer create direct integration with ontraport that will be more usefull.

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Hi Michael,

So our product team can properly consider this could you provide us with a little information about how people are using an integration between MemberMouse and Ontraport? What features are the using Ontraport for and what are they using MemberMouse for?
I use Ontraport, mostly for it's powerful marketing automation for building intelligent sales funnels, that behave differently depending on how each subscriber behaves in a funnel.

I use Fuzed to integrate MemberMouse with Ontraport, but it is $97 per month (more than I am paying for MemberMouse!)

The 4 email autoresponder services that MemberMouse integrates with are fairly basic. The only powerful one is aWeber when you link it up with AW ProTools, which is also more expensive than MemberMouse (at my level).

So an integration with Ontraport would be amazing.

I would love to see this integration too! It would be a wonderful combo! Without it I am having to rethink my whole I drop MemberMouse and switch to Ontraports membership plugin (which I don't think is as good) or do I drop OntraPort and go back to trying to piece multiple systems together. Hoping and Praying this integration gets the attention it deserves!

Check out WP Fusion..., it connects a bunch of plugins to CRMs, including connecting MemberMouse to Ontraport ( Open source, one time payment. 

Thank you for your input! Even though MemberMouse will not be implementing this suggestion, your feature request provides valuable insight into the needs of our community and helps shape future plugin decisions.

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