Smart tags for product information

It seems to me I should be able to put product information on my sales pages via smart tags from the products (membership level or bundle). That way I don't have to update pricing in multiple places.

Something like this:

[MM_Product id='1' name='productPrice'] which would then print out either "$250" or "5 payments of $50".

[MM_Product id='1' name='productName'] -> "Marriage Help Course"

+1 on this. The less manual updating the better.
Thanks for the response. It works, though is so complex, I might as well hard code the product information.

It appears the api provides the data normally within the context of a checkout page (and an [MM_Form]). Instead I want to use it on multiple sales pages, or possibly in widgets.

I'd like to do something like this:

Buy the course for [MM_Product id='1' name='productPriceDescription'].

I had to do this to get the same result:

[MM_Form type='checkout' productId='1']Buy the course for [MM_Form_Data name='productPriceDescription']
[MM_Form_Button type='all']

Because of the added and unwanted tags, putting things inline becomes very difficult and maybe impossible without scripting. For instance just displaying this: "buy for $250 or 5 payments of $250", where each price corresponds to a different product. I might as well hardcode it, and update it everywhere on my site if the price changes.

This feature has been implemented and is now included in MemberMouse. You can review additional documentation and information provided in the article here:

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