Coupon Codes Override Free Trial

When a free trial is assigned to a membership level product, it seems that the trial overrides the parameters set when a user applies a coupon code. When the purpose of the coupon code is to offer some type of custom pricing (special discount 1st month, etc) this logic seems very counter intuitive.

So we'd like to know either the best practice, or if there's a workaround for applying a coupon code to a membership level with a free trial and having the coupon code parameters take precedence over the trial settings.

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I'm running into the same problem. +1 for this. Thanks!

Also having this issue. There must be some workaround.

Coupons are applied immediately to the transaction being processed. Currently, there isn't a way to apply a coupon to a future transaction, such as the first transaction after a free trial is over. (You can apply a coupon to that first transaction and all subsequent billing - but an initial transaction must take place for this to occur).

With coupons and trials, MM provides some flexible tools to allow you to customize pricing. Sometimes, the best option is to create a new product that reflects exactly the pricing you want.

If you would like to see the ability to apply coupons to billing events after a free trial, I invite you to add it to our feature request forum:


bump again.

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