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In "manage members | export members", we get a ton of data from all kinds of WordPress tables, including first name, email address, and custom fields. But the next renewal date or expiration date is not exported.

It looks like I have to recreate a bit of mysql magic to get everything together. Expiration date is right there in mm_user_data, but email address is in wp_users and custom_fields are in mm_custom_field_data, and this last requires pivoting. =|

Does anyone else agree that it would be better to see expiration date exported from the Manager Users by default?

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Yes. Since they have no system built-in for sending out renewal notices to members prior to their membership expiring, I was going to export and send them manually using MailChimp. Imagine my surprise when there was no expiration date in the export.
It looks like the mm_user_data>expiration_date field is not touched by the script, or at least as far as I can see from searching for that string.
I fully agree, this feature, even if added to a "report" or in the "Manage Members" screen is so vital. This would help estimate future revenues as well as confirm all rebilling is accurately being processed (when checking it against your payment processor). I'm surprised this feature isn't already available since the data already exists in MM, it's just not viewable by the user.

I still want this. I'm having a particular issue now one year later, where rebills are starting. During a rebill, neither of the key user dates are updated:

mm_status_updated: not changed

mm_expiration_date: not changed

So on 3/25/16 I have a member "Doug" with "mm_status = 1 (active)", "mm_status_updated = 3/25/2015" and "mm_expiration_date=0000" and "mm_next_rebill_date (visible only on dashboard) = 3/25/17".

The next rebill date that appears in the dashboard isn't actually stored in the database, as far as I can tell; it's either pulled from MM payment servers or else inferred with some complicated database synthesis around transactions and orders. I can't easily export it.

So now when I export my members, this seems to be the easiest thing to do:

define next_renewal_due = mm_expiration_date

if (mm_expiration_date is blank or 0000) AND (mm_status = 1 or 9 )

next_renewal_due = mm_status_date

while next_renewal_due < today()

next_renewal_due += mm_rebill_interval

Absolutely need this.  For our small newspaper we have a few thousand subscribers I need to import into MemberMouse.  They are on an excel sheet.  I need to see at a glance when their expiration dates are and whether they are signing up for automatic payment or if they need to manually resubscribe.  I'm not seeing any of this information currently.

We are trying to send renewals out via MailChimp as some of the others have mentioned.  It is so difficult to get the right data out.

Please include the ability to export the 'Start Date' for members.

Thank you for this suggestion! This feature request or some aspect of the functionality suggested is currently being reviewed for possible inclusion in a future update. If there is additional information, this post will be updated to reflect it.

@Lonnie Terry

Can you keep me in touch with the update?



Rest assured, I, or someone from my team, will surely update this post to let everyone know any and all developments on this. :) 

Though you cannot currently see all expiration dates in the Manage Members area, you may find the export option as a valuable tool for this. When you Export a list of members, you can see all expiration dates, for both bundles and memberships. 

You can read more about the fields available through the export process here:

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