Any success with Group extension?

Has anyone been able to figure out the Groups extension? I cant get group creator to appear on checkout page.
No luck for me either...
No luck with me either. I have everything setup correctly but nothing on the checkout or confirmation pages.

I can manually create a group and add an admin to the account but the system will not create any groups automatically.

i also need help with this. I cannot figure out how to get this extension to work. group is the only reason i choose MM. if this is not a functional feature i would like to be refunded
i was able to get groups working. the documentation is "weak" at best. however i cannot get the "group data view" working. I can get it to work for a user on the WP backend, but there should be a "smart tag" or code snippet so we can have a user manage "child" users fromt he front end.

Please help
The groups extension is now opensource:
I've setup my group according to the instructions, but groups are not being auto-created and manual groups are not populating with users that signup using the group purchase link. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ditto for me... pretty frustrating as everything else is great (and functional).

Can't generate/display a Group signup link anywhere, Group home, My Account, etc. And, strangely, can't - for the life of me - access the Group Dashboard...

When I'm logged it, navigating to logs me out... and then when I log back in I'm redirected to the Member Home (so the dashboard appears inaccessible).
So, I was able to hack this a little bit and essentially do what I need - but it's not ideal. There's also an issue with my use case that seems to be primarily Paypal related.

Short version: I have paid groups that include free seats (Family, Classroom plans, etc). Still can't get the shortcode/dashboard going, but I was able to create raw links from Products for seats...

However, Paypal kicks up the following strange error:

Invalid Regular period. You must specify valid values for the A3, P3, and T3 parameters for a subscription

After fiddling around (and two call to Paypal Dev Int), it appears that Paypal does not support completely Free subscriptions (even though they're tied to a paid Group plan). Bummer... as I was obviously looking for (younger) students to be able to easily join a subscription purchased by a teacher by simply clicking a button.

Once I changed the Seat price to $0.01, everything functions. Paypal strongly agreed with my scenario and said they would escalate this functionality, for what it's worth. But, still, it now requires each "free" seat to pay at least a penny for access. Not ideal. (And, yes, I asked about workarounds, like an instant discount or charge-back... no haps as of yet).

Am I missing something here? Welcome any suggestion about possible solutions, but for now, while it's a bit ugly, it works.

On a side note, has anyone been able to get the Dataview/Dashboard going?

Best, Chris.

How does the group leader pay for the memberships of the people in his/her group?

Has anyone had any luck with Managing groups? What if I want to see everyone that is in a paid members group?  I have had no luck with the dashboard. I have manually created members and groups and manually added the people to the group. However, I'd like to see who's in that group, not just the 2 out of 5 members. Also,If anyone has figured out how to get the sign-up links to work, I'd love some help! 

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