Add bulk delete feature

At this time, we can only delete people from Membermouse one by one. It would be GREAT if there is an option to bulk delete people. I'm thinking a checkbox next to each contact that we can tick and a "delete marked" button.

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I'd love to see this too. I was actually very surprised to hear you could only delete 1 member at a time. I spent a long time thinking "No way, I must be missing something". Eric .. any chance of making this request happen?
Yes this would be very useful!
Yes, along with other bulk editing features. Any bundles they have should automatically be removed upon deletion.
Yes.... I would like a more efficient way to delete inactive members or Robot submissions.
Really, just a bulk Edit function in general would be useful.
Yes please!!!! I may switch to a different plugin because of this issue.
Very much overdue and should be standard!

Yes please. This would be massively Useful.

This feature has been included in MemberMouse. You can review the information regarding this implementation here:

UPDATE **This thread has been closed due to lack of activity.**

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