Anyone integrate Membermouse and Buddypress or any other plug to create a community?

I'd like to add a community to my Membermouse-integrated site. I want member profiles and such. I've read about Buddypress and a few other plugs. Just wondering if anyone here has done this and with which plugs? If so, I'd like to know how you went about this. Thanks! Dave

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 Checking in with this. Wanting to use BB for premium members only signed up through MM. I read above it slows down site and would create cache issues. which i've experienced already with other plugins. 

Main question is if I use BB as a closed forum is it easy to integrate with MM, and user info for MM is automatically used for BB? Also, does it cause speed issues? T

Thanks for any info 

I'm also looking at integrating the two.  Did you have any luck Kiconwell? 

@yourvetonlinetech Been using BBpress for now. Seems to be working fine. The MM login automatically gives access to the forum. I am also locking the forum pages to certain member access. So far so good. 

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