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Please enable us to translate this plugin into our own language. There is some translation available thought the different settings, but this is not complete and is a lot of work to figure out.

If you enabled .po .mo translations of the plugin, it would greatly improve our user experience.

You probably already know how to, but this video for developers

explains the process of how to do it:

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Enabling .po translation files is a must have feature. Integration with WPML ( would also be a great benefit.

Being able to translate products name and membership level name (amont other things) is something I look forward too.

Can we get an ETA if this is a feature you guys will work on in the near future?

Most rival plugins, such as Wishlist, Memberpress, Paid Memberships Pro et al, are translation ready. Like most here, I prefer MM to any of them - but the lack of PO/POT files is killer. It's the first thing any of us making a membership site in a non-English language look for.

Please, please give strong consideration to getting this done asap for MM.
I came here just to support all others asking for a full translation support in MM. The plugin itself is great, but it lack of support makes the life of non-english speakers really difficult. This makes about 94% of world population. What a market being lost, huh?

It would also helps if others in the need of this also come here ans ask. Three people (four with my own request) are quite a few voices for something so important.
Voted, very important feature here :)
Upvoted, our project absolutely needs it.
I agree. It would be nice.
It would even be nicer to be able to get the membership site working in several language with different content for each languages but that would be a hassle to code I guess.
Really needed
This will be very useful!

Any updates on this? we are DYING for translation ability. WE want to launch another version of our site but just can't because of MM's limitations.


I'm looking forware to get my own translation using wpml or .po/.mo. Importent that I can select local currency according to the translated text too.

So if I'm translating to Norwegain, I want to use currency NOK, not $. 

Please implement this functionality now.

-- Vilfred.

We will be making a foreign language version of our site soon, and would love to have error messages on the checkout page appear in that language (Japanese). 

If this could become a reality we will be ecstatic for decades to come! 

There is a way to customize / translate error messages on the checkout page though it does involve some programmingThe exact error message that should be displayed is passed to the checkout page via the URL querystring in the 'message' parameter. You can take a look at the article Customize Error Messages on the Checkout Page for more information on how to access this in PHP. 

Another place where you might be looking to translate the message in for the checkout processing message.

Additionally, most of the things that your customers will be interacting with via your website and member portal can be translated as the majority of customer-facing content that MemberMouse creates in simply HTML text that can be modified via the WordPress editor. There are some things that currently cannot be translated, this includes:

1. Error messages generated by MemberMouse or error messages received from 3rd parties such as the payment service provider

2. Field labels on the My Account page pop ups


I have a blog not in English and use Membermouse. This membership plugin is very great, except for the translation. 

I cannot translate some important things like months in the dropdown field expiration date (very very important !!!!) and popups when people buys.

 Please implement this feature as soon as possible.

Added localization support. Now it’s possible to translate most text in MemberMouse to the language of your choice using WordPress’ built-in localization feature.


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