Show price after free trial is over

When a user is purchasing a subscription product with a free trial, the product appears as free from the checkout page. This could lead to confusion.

I suggest adding an optional field with the terms text below total.

" $X the first Y days, then $X every month"

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I agree and found this very confusing, thinking that the pruduct price wasn't working.
Yes please!! When my customers do a trial it says product price $0.00 Today's price $0.00 super confusing..
This would be a nice addition to have in place automatically. Currently, you can display the price of a product off of your checkout page though. You just have to use some of the MM_Order_Decision shortcodes and manually select each price.

  • Product Price:
    [MM_Order_Decision productId='1,2,3, ... etc']$20.00 or something
Oh sorry, I mean pipes '|' not commas ',' inside the productID area (for multiple ids).
Woudl love to have this feature added - we are doing a trial and it makes the checkout page really confusing. Something as simple as [MM_Form_Data name="totalPriceAfterTrial"] so that it updates if a coupon code is used would really help
Thats great to hear - thank you - will it take in to account coupon usage? For instance will the '$10/month' show a discounted price of '$5/month' if the user added a coupon code for 50% off?
James, this SmartTag is used to display the static price description only and therefore will not reflect any coupon being used. The SmartTags responsible for outputting the values used in calculating the actual price a customer will be paying the day of purchase are:
[MM_Form_Data name='price']
[MM_Form_Data name='shippingPrice']
[MM_Form_Data name='discount']
[MM_Form_Data name='totalPrice']
Thanks - i'm using those tags currently but when someone uses a discount code, becase we have a trial on there, theres no way to show what the trial AND monthly charge after trial with the correct discounted price if a coupon code is used. So will the new tag [MM_Form_Data name=‘productPriceDescription’] work similar to totalPrice, meaning will it update the pricing information if a coupon code is used?
James, this SmartTag is used to display the static price description only and therefore will not reflect any coupon being used.
Thanks for the new tag, however productPriceDescription doesn't update if there is a coupon used, so if you are using that tag, and someone enters a coupon, there is still an incongruancy between what the customer is actually paying, and what the product price description will be showing. Is it possible to get that tag to take discounts in to account?
James, this feature has been completed. I suggest that you create a new feature request for the functionality you're looking for and vote on it so that other customers can vote on it as well and so our product team will be aware of your need.

This feature has been implemented. 

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