Allow Push Notifications for Bundle Status Changes to be specified per Bundle (as per Adding Bundles)

Right now I can have a specific Push Notification per Bundle when I add a bundle, but not when that bundle's status changes.

This would be particularly helpful for push emails where there is no other way of knowing which bundle has been cancelled in the email for example.

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Or alternatively, there could be a smartcode for the bundle name which could go in the notification email.
Just to highlight the value of this - if it was done you could basically integrate via Zapier with any marketing system like Active Campaign (or some time shortly according to Zapier with Ontraport) without any custom programming or php scripts being needed.

Surely this would open up a lot more sales for Membermouse?
yes I need this too, to integrate with Infusion soft!
Yes, I need this to allow my Coaches to expire or better complete a particular bundle which would then send a push notification to a Student.
I would really like to integrate with active campaign.
YES... that's great news. Thanks.

This feature has been implemented and is now included in MemberMouse. 

You can review to set this up here:

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