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I would like to import a list of 100+ unique, time limited, one time use coupon codes instead of entering them all by hand. That way each person receives their own and it can't be shared.

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Emily - if you have a dev - ask them about this - we built this recently and didn't take too much time/wasn't too difficult.
For my needs, I will need 10,000 or maybe 100,000 pre generated coupon codes that I will be selling offline. I intend to hire a developer to create this. But having every customer create their own is not a good solution.
Please see this 3rd Party Solutions article for instructions on importing coupon codes in bulk:
Excellent. That meets my needs. It's very simple.

You may wish to note on that page that mm_coupon_restrictions needs to be updated as well if we wish to restrict the coupon to a product.
You lost me at "you will need to write a simple PHP script, iterate over each coupon from a CSV file and run the insert query".... not obtainable by the lay person. Anyone want to give me a bid?
Emily, you should be able to work with any PHP programmer to write this script for you. You can find programmers for hire by the hour on or
Can you believe I actually managed to do this myself?! I don't really know how I cobbled it together but 668 unique coupon codes generated and inserted.
Nice! Way to go :)

that link doesnt seem to work anymore....

Yes, that link is from over a year ago. Here is the updated link:

Thank you for this suggestion! This feature request or some aspect of the functionality suggested is currently being reviewed for possible inclusion in a future update. If there is additional information, this post will be updated to reflect it.

In the meantime, you could use the solution outlined here:

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