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Member Account Profiles

Allow members to have a public profile so other paying members in the website can see sections like:

About Me






Along with other custom forms created through the admin panel to suit the membership site's topic etc..

That way we can do things like promote a 'Member of The Month' and have their profile displayed prominently to other members giving them recognition.

This could also lead onto private messaging system between members (with an option to allow/remove it in the backend)

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This feature would be ideal for my needs. Any feedback if it is going to go ahead?
Yes, please. Plus the ability to see other member's headshot and short bio.
This feature is already possible with Buddypress (including the private messaging aspect).

I think adding this feature to membermouse would bloat the software. Just my thoughts though.
Yes, this is a necessity. The major thing missing from MM is the ability to show the member directory and individual profiles on the front-end. That would make this truly a membership plugin, not just a membership system (back-end).
Having to add another plugin, like BuddyPress or User Profiles Made Easy, or WPSymposium, or any number of other solutions, *JUST* to add a user directory/profile pages is way more bloat than adding this capability to MM.

Now I have to do a whole bunch of research on how to integrate these other plugins (that, btw, ALSO want to manage registration, login, etc) with MM, without conflict or having to manage profile data in two places.

I’d think this is pretty critical for a membership plugin. :(
Yes, we need this. Seems like a big omission, not to have a profile page for users.

This is pretty standard on member sites isn't it? Look at all the dating sites. They all have this, right? ...and even most forums.

This would be good to have. I vote YES! Much needed.
And their member image!!
This would eliminate need for Buddypress

I have been trying to find a solution to do this for months now. I suppose I will have to write one myself reading data directly out of the MemberMouse databases. I need is a bit more specific as we need data such as this available to users of the site - not just other members. We want the site users to be able to search our site for our members in their local area.

User punches in their city/state or zipcode and get a list. Click on a member in that list and see an expanded view of that members information that the user selected from the returned list. That sort of thing.

As large as MemberMouse has become, I am very surprised that this function is not readily available to all of us.

If anyone has an answer for this or knows where to find it, I would be in your debt.

It would definitely bring a huge value to my business. 

Dear MM, you should seriously consider  making an add on. Its a very popular way to upsell without waiting for your users to reach a certain amount users. Add on for profile functionality, add on or member search, add on for member chatting, etc...

How is this STILL not a feature?

Thank you for your input! Even though MemberMouse will not be implementing this suggestion, your feature request provides valuable insight into the needs of our community and helps shape future plugin decisions.

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