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JVZoo integration. Duh.

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We have done some preliminary research to look into what it would take to do an integration. What we found is that an integration is not possible at this time due to the lack of a JVZoo API.

More detail can be found in this article
Thats sad because JVZoo is one of the best affiliate platforms for marketer.

I also have insta-member and it integrates with JVZoo with a few clicks. I might have just go back to that plugin if I can't setup a good third-party affiliate platform. How hard is it to setup?

I mean is this really that hard to accomplish considering a lot of marketers are using JVZoo to promote their products?

You guys really need to get some more options for setting up a third-party affiliate platform. This is one huge area I feel MM is lacking. No marketer really once to deal with writing out checks to affiliates. Thats the whole reason we use third-party affiliate platforms. No one uses Clickbank anymore so even if I used them I wouldn't get that many affiliates.
As the article says on JVZoo,

"MemberMouse prides itself on really tight integrations that relieve our customers of as much manual interaction as possible so that their businesses are automated. Without a JVZoo API we don't have the tools we need to provide an integration that lives up to these standards."

On the affiliates, we have 3 listed on this page

As well as the instructions on how to integration manually, if you need to, with the platform of your choice

Does this mean that I can never use JVZoo or I can use it but will need some extra work?
They do have an API -

I should be able to get tight integration, I will talk to the ZOO team about getting all the relevant details now. Can we reopen this request now?
Alexander, we don't have a plan to integrate with JVZoo but you could use our push notification system to do your own integration. See the status of this idea for more details.
Can someone explain what it means by intergrating through push notifications?

Yeah please. Jvzoo is one of the biggest affiliate platform! It would be a great integration!

This shouldn't even be a discussion. 

Add JVZoo; it's a no brainer. 

This thread is 2 year old and still no integration with Jvzoo?

Please, do something, we need it!

Definitely need for this! Membermouse has an integration for Clickbank so it makes completely sense to have one for Jvzoo.

Now that Jvzoo released the APIs to do that, it should be a no-brainer!

Is the integration with Jvzoo planned? I have my two courses on Jvzoo and I have to add members manually cause Member Mouse still doesn't have it.

I love Member Mouse but I think it's crazy to still not have this integration after 2 years people are asking for it...

Jvzoo and WarriorPlus Would be great, since this are the biggest marketplaces in IM world at the moment. 

Thank you for your input! Even though MemberMouse will not be implementing this suggestion, your feature request provides valuable insight into the needs of our community and helps shape future plugin decisions.

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