MM Custom Fields and Mailchimp

Hi everyone

Does anyone have any best practice recommendations for detailed integration of Membermouse and Mailchimp?

We're working extensively now with groups and segmentation in Mailchimp, but we only have one main list. So rather than changing users from list to list depending on their membermouse status, we'd like to be able to map CUSTOM FIELDS in membermouse with GROUPS in mailchimp.

I'm loath to spend $$$ on a complex custom development that might quickly go out of date... does anyone have any insights?

I've had a look at Autochimp, Zapier etc. and nothing currently works to that extent.


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Here's a better summary of the issue:

Is there a way to automatically synchronise 'custom fields' in membermouse, with 'groups' in mailchimp?
+1 for this feature. Would like to be able to sync a custom field on the signup page to Mailchimp list.
+1 for this feature integrated w MailChimp. It's on my wish list!
+1 for me too. I capture a business name and company number when creating a new member at checkout. These two fields become important in MailChimp but disappointingly, there doesn't appear to be a way for the MM custom fields to be mapped onto MC custom fields :-(
+1 This would be a huge help if this could be implemented. For us, we're using Zapier to move trigger certain functions to add certain member tiers to our SMS notification lists. It's easier to pull that data as a custom get_function straight from the approprite MC list, vs writing tons of custom code to find in MM.
+1 I really need this to be able to filter my premium subscribers into 2 groups and send Free Trial subscribers offers that my paid subscribers shouldn't get.
I've changed this from a discussion topic to a feature request.


Is there any way to add the buyer to a group on Mailchimp and not just a list?

If not, a huge +1 by me!

Integration with Mailchimp without the possibility to choose the group is a big lack!

This would be very help as I need to carry over phone numbers from MM to mailchimp in order to provide an SMS service. 

It's weird that this feature isn't a default one. Mailchimp without groups is useless.

Being one of the biggest Email Services, it should be a priority or people who use it will be encouraged to use something else.

Thank you for this suggestion! This feature request or some aspect of the functionality suggested is currently being reviewed for possible inclusion in a future update. If there is additional information, this post will be updated to reflect it.

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