Advanced Developer Tools

Build a robust REST API and PHP objects accessible via code written in WordPress plugins and templates.
Is this planned for next release?
We have a succession of 3 releases coming up. The dev tools are currently slated to be in the last of those releases. The first of those release will be this month (April) and the second should be shortly after that (4-6 weeks). We don't have any information on the date for the release following that which will contain the developer tools.
Any update on this?
Just had a ticket open with your support team. The current API via curl to create members gets blocked by mod_security and can be unusable in some instances. A simple PHP class would work so much better for us anyway.

We're trying to create memberships from uploaded data files so we can enforce specific business logics on our side.

MemberMouse has decided to include this feature in our pipeline for a future release. We thank you for your input and will update this post once work has begun.

MemberMouse does not give estimated dates of implementation.

UPDATE **This thread has been closed due to lack of activity.**

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