Shopping Cart Functionality

Implement a traditional cart where multiple products can be added to the cart and purchased all at once.

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Yes I'm trying to do this now. I have two products and want to sell them as a bundle. Its confusing.
or integrate with common shopping carts like etc
Please - I'm selling membership along side with products and currently members can only buy 1 product at a time :(
Yes. This is definitely something I would greatly appreciate having within Membermouse.
This really is a must!
Adding a shopping cart function is the #1 requested feature (when you combine the votes with WooCommerce integration). Why not stick to what you guys do best and just provide integration with other shopping carts?
Especially as MM is en enterprise solution, this is a must
This is really needed! I have hundreds of products. Currently, I have to use a hacky method to use MM. Shopping cart functionality would solve my issues.
This is a much needed function. Please implement!
In its easiest form, it could be a special checkout link where we append the product ID to be added to the checkout form.
Then you could also have a "Cart Section" where we can display a given number of our products / bundles and then simply update the "checkout link" based on what end user selects. It's indeed much needed. I would not like to use any 3rd party integration, as MM does a good job to work on its own and it's better that way.
Any chance this is coming up soon?
I too would like to know status. thanks!
Yes, I'm selling only bundles (online video courses). A customer should be able to buy 2 or more bundles at once (different skus, though some may also want multiple quantities for the same sku).
Hugely lacking feature. Many sites will at least want to sell t-shirts or something simple and currently the customer can not order quantities or use a shopping cart feature.

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