Shopping Cart Functionality

Implement a traditional cart where multiple products can be added to the cart and purchased all at once.

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Any chance this will make the next release?
Any update on this?? This is absolutely essential.

I currently have to make customers go through the entire checkout process separately for EVERY individual product.

Sure, I could create a new bundle that combines products, but this just creates even more problems because the only way MM allows you to display certain products in the members area is by BUNDLE ID, NOT product.

This also makes integrating autoresponders & other automations far more difficult because you've got to create entirely new automations because it thinks it's a new product.

A shopping cart would be great, but at the VERY LEAST there should be a way to allow a customer to purchase more than one bundle and checkout ONCE.

Please look into this!
Yes please - essential for us

We'd be interested in this as well

This would be amazing. It's so clumsy the current approach.

We have a need to sell a bundle/package of products (online courses). How can a feature rich membership solution like membermouse support ONLY 1 product purchase at a time? This seems ridiculous and a big feature gap.  We are trying all kinds of workarounds to overcome this membermouse weakness..   is this in your product roadmap anytime soon? 

Have to say its kind of sad that I can't send my customer ONE single receipt with a total for everything that was purchased during the same upsell funnel.

Customer ends up getting way too many separate email receipts all at once.

Not good customer service.


Member<ouse needs to add zip-code segregation, shopping carts, restriction settings, and a ton of features to its online store options.  So limited, even with the way you have to control shipping options is a pain if you get it wrong.

Thank you for this suggestion! This feature request or some aspect of the functionality suggested is currently being reviewed for possible inclusion in a future update. If there is additional information, this post will be updated to reflect it.

Yes. 100% agree. Need to be able to add multiple "random" products to a simple cart and enable the customer to do a single checkout. The current "one at a time" paradigm isn't helping our business :(

Yes, need this - urgent!

Rest assured, if there is any additional information regarding this, this post will be updated to reflect it.

We want a shopping cart.

We recently evaluated WooCommerce and HappyPlugins' integration between Woo and MemberMouse. HP doesn't transfer address or phone number from WC to MM. If the WC customer has an email that MM recognizes, HP overwrites the MM membership level and assigns it the default. We stopped using HP, and now are left with the choice of segregating customers into two databases (WC or MM) or continuing forward with the MM "infinite clicking" to purchase arbitrary numbers of products.

Hey all, We've dealt with the same headache with HappyPlugins as well. We've since gotten rid of Happy Plugins in our client's sites and have been able to utilize MemberMouse's API with WooCommerce to bring shopping cart functionality to MemberMouse and it works extremely well! (plus you get added functionality as well)

My company can help you out! Just reach out to me. I'd love to help you out:

As a side benefit, we'll also give you our Google eCommerce plugin for MemberMouse, so all purchases, rebills and refunds are tracked successfully in Google Analytics!

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