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Tax Support

Add tax support.

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Need this - really! Those of us in Europe have to add VAT (e.g. 20% in UK) for all sales in the home country and to other EU countries.

More advanced functionality would allow the full tax rules where if a non home country buyer elsewhere in the EU can supply a VAT number to indicate they're a business rather than a consumer then they don't have to pay VAT. Very few carts have that advanced functionality though. Most just add the nominated VAT rate for any EU residents.
In addition to country tax support, the ability to charge tax to users that signup in the default home US state.
Completely agree...

Perhaps a drop down field in the payment settings section which asks "Home country:" and then "Tax amount (%):".

Then if someone joining your membership has the same "Home country" set in their billing address, MemberMouse could automatically include the "Tax amount" specified.

You could also have two price fields on individual products which say:

"Home country price: [enter price], inclusive of [tax amount]% tax"
"Non-home country price: [enter price], no tax"

Or something along those lines, so that only people in your country receive an invoice which includes tax.

It will also mean you could charge everyone $100 (for example) and just have the tax inclusive in the $100 for your home country. So everyone gets the same price, whether paying tax or not.
Would love this, to be able to control tax based on Country.

So people in UK (VAT) could set a country outside EU to not be charged Tax (VAT) during checkout.

It could be controlled via billing address.
Hi, I'm currently including a break down of the VAT (Value Added Tax) charges within the 'Product Settings' description field, (can't see anywhere else to put it!) but trying to find a way to adjust the VAT amount once someone applies a voucher/coupon discount, as this will obviously impact the VAT. Is there anyway to do this? Seems like essential functionality to me, as most countries charge some form of tax don't they?
Is ANY tax support available? Is it possible to enter just a single tax rate to be calculated in the shopping cart?
A Tax feature is a must for us too? most contries do indeed need the tax functionality.
I would love tax
I agree this would be a great feature. When researching membership software, I discovered that no one does this and I found lots of forums where people were asking other people if they knew of software that did this.

Here in the UK ( and Europe), having VAT handling would be a deal maker for me and many other users. Go for it guys, you'll have a truly unique feature that will do very well on this side of the pond.
This is a must have, here in Europe we have to charge tax.
Any update on this guys?

As of Jan 2015 the EU VAT laws are getting even more complex. From then on all digital products (including online training) delivered to end consumers in the EU will need to have the local rate of VAT of the buyer added.

Currently I've set my sales pages to detect the country of the user and to send to two different product checkouts for VAT and non-VAT for EU and non-Eu buyers.

But in future I would need to have a separate product for each level of VAT. There are currently 10 different VAT levels in Europe by my reckoning. That would mean that every price level of every product would need 10 different versions. That's just unworkable.

So a proper solution for VAT that would allow us to put in country codes and VAT (Sales Tax) levels for each country and have membermouse add them to the price would be great.

Otherwise membermouse probably isn't usable for anyone in Europe as we'd be breakign the law by not adding the correct VAT
I am very surprised that this isn't implemented yet, because charging VAT for EU-Customers is mandatory from 01.01.2015.

This feature is a MUST... I'm seeing this being added to payment systems all over the place.
Yes this is needed. The New Digital Sales Tax Laws are a pain to implement without an update to the Membermouse system.
What Ian says is correct: This is VITAL for selling stuff in Europe! Amazon hast just informed everyone in Europe that they have started charging VAT for Kindle eBooks. So, we REALLY need proper VAT handling in MemberMouse.

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