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Tax Support

Add tax support.

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I too have been paying for a subscription thinking that this would be implemented months ago, we need answers here please
can we have an update on this as its becoming quite critical to our launch!
Come on guys, we really need this tax issue sorting out. It's November now and this problem isn't going away!

I know this isn't an easy thing to solve but I've been paying for a subscription to MM on the understanding that this feature was going to be online a few months ago.

What's the status on the alpha stage of this feature?

Need this ASAP :(
I need an honest answer on where this is in the development process in order to understand the solution that we will need to implement.

In March you said April / May 2015
In May you said June / July 2015
In August you said August/September 2015
In August you then said end of 2015
In September you then said you can't give an ETA quoting "As such the work won’t be done until it’s done."

Business decisions are being made off the back of your information and you're now almost a year late in complying with New EU Digital Sales tax regulations.

Can we get an honest answer as to the status of this project and how close it is to being released?
Hi! Just chiming in to say that we also really need to have that tax module implemented soon.

Do you have a ETA on this? 

Also looking for an ETA.  I could get in serious tax trouble if I can't charge sales tax to customers in my home state.

Any update on the TAX Module??

Need a ETA

Please see this article for information regarding tax support: Does MemberMouse Support Tax or VAT?

This is also very important for me, as i am based in the UK and need to comply with EU VAT MOSS (the requirement to charge sales tax based on the buyer's location).

I was considering a third-party solution like Taxamo, which apparently has a good API which integrates with all of Membermouse's payment gateways like stripe and paypal.

Would this be an option?

Is there any update on when the tax module will be available?

It seems like the development team has been working for about 10 months. 

I´m using the workaround but is far from being a great solution, mainly because I would need to split taxes from final price.

Apart from that and a few translation problem, i love the product.

I have one garment business i need some TAX and VAT software support in UAE. 

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