Auto Renewal/Rebill Reminders

Be able to use a push notification to send an email to a member X days prior to their subscription renewing or access expiring.

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I'd love this.
Any updates on this push notification?
Also would like it. Would like to be able to set up multiple notifications with customized messages + post expiration messages.
Is there any way today, with mailchimp or something else, to send out renew notices?
Yes! I know I've requested this to support, and would love to see it.
I would also like to see this feature added. If a member unsubscribes from a MailChimp list, he will not receive an important email warning of an impending automatic charge to his credit card. Thanks.
Yes PLEASE add this feature!
I think too that this is an essential feature. Please add it.
This is desperately needed! 100% of my clients have requested this feature.
This is a must have for sure.
Active member mailing list includes those who have canceled their automatic renewal feature. It would be helpful to be able to send the renewal reminder only to those whose accounts are still set to auto renew and exclude those who have previously canceled this feature. Thanks.
Has this feature been set up yet?
I am shocked this didn't make it in initial release. Every client is asking for this and when I tell them its not a feature they proceed to question my credibility for selecting this solution.
We are coming up on a year with Member mouse meaning our yearly subscribers will be rebilled in a few months. This feature is essential and irreplaceable with MailChimp or other such services because those allow their users to unsubscribe. I imagine there will be a problem anyway because it seems that Member Mouse doesn't play well with certain kinds of emails anyway (AOL, Yahoo, etc.) Very surprised this hasn't been dealt with yet.

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