When Access Denied Redirect to Requested Page after Login

When customer attempts to access a page they don't have access to, redirect to that page after they login.

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YES, please! This would be a great feature!
Please! The sooner, the better!
+1 Maybe even after they create a free account? (if the page is visible to those in the free membership level)
This is a much needed feature. I had it in my previous membership site and I'm already getting complaints that it's not in the new one.

Having this feature allows me to point members directly at new material or new offers. They can click the link and then just login to see the content.

I had this option with Premise by Copyblogger and its critical to have it in MM
Yes, please!
Yes, please add this. This is critical for us as well and standard in membership plugins like wishlist.
I see that this is by far the number #1 voted feature request. Any plans in the works on this?
Hi I heard back from support that a few customers have coded their own solution for this - anyone able to share it please?
If not I will solve it and share the code myself.
Hi Graham, If you have any update on tracking down a solution to this designated redirect issue, or have created a solution yourself, please do share. Thanks!
Would it not be simpler if they could log in directly on the error page?
That is great, however I can't help but feel it would be better if in fact rather than being redirected to the error page, the single post still loads but the 'locked' content not displayed (a filter for the_content() perhaps) and in it's place, there was a prompt to let folks know that the content isn't available to them but to either login (link to the login page which then redirects you back to the intended content item) or link to the checkout for the product required to view the content? Thoughts?
Found at least a temporarily solution to this. Inserting below code to functions.php will achieve desired results. The downside is that if you have a login link on your menu it will still show that the user needs to login although they are technically already logged in. Let me know if this helps guys!

function membermouse_redirect_to_request( $redirect_to, $request, $user ){
// instead of using $redirect_to we're redirecting back to $previous
return $previous = "javascript:history.go(-1)";
add_filter('login_redirect', 'membermouse_redirect_to_request', 10, 3);

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