Upgrade Monthly > Annual Membership

I'd like to have the ability to go from a monthly membership to a yearly within the same membership level. 

The reason for this is to have a 1 click upsell to offer someone who signs up for a monthly subscription an annual subscription at a discount.  

Also - we would like to be able to reach out to existing members who are using the service and make them an offer to upgrade from their monthly account and save money with an annual.

Currently this work if you have different membership levels, but if you upgrade someone within the same membership level it just makes another billing account for them.

Here's a screenshot (attached) showing what happened when we tried having the annual as a one click upsell for the Gold membership. 

Thank you! 

I am experiencing the exact same problem!

According the the support post concerning Prorating, the custom should get a discount on its new, upgraded subscription!?

Is there a fix for this? (I hate getting feedback from my clients that I am charging them double).

This functionality is NEEDED! but not currently possible. The way around it is to create a membership level specific to annual members. That way when they "upgrade" they'll be moved to the new membership level which will also be prorated. MemberMouse doesn't have built in functionality for moving members to different products within the same membership level.

The issue with this method is that all pages you give access to for that specific membership level will have to be added to the NEW membership level. This is what I've done to work around this.

This is absolutely super needed I don't understand how this oversight wasn't considered?

How we're working around this now is using Ontraport to track when someone's status is upgraded, and then creating tasks for someone on the team to go in and cancel the old account.  Had an issue where this was overlooked recently and ended up needing to refund a customer for a year's worth of monthly payments.  Not idea - but there are some ways to make it less painful.  

Thank you for this suggestion! This feature request or some aspect of the functionality suggested is currently being reviewed for possible inclusion in a future update. If there is additional information, this post will be updated to reflect it.

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