Create multiple shipping methods / Control which options are displayed for each product

I'm looking for a way to send our product (stationery subscriptions) to multiple countries. I have tried by creating two checkout pages, one for UK and one for International in the hope that I could set the UK checkout to be non optional (Country: United Kingdom) however all options are displayed by default in a drop down box making it really confusing. 

One way around this would be to create a feature that calculates shipping based on Country which is automatically applied to the basket when the customer enters their shipping information. OR to have the ability to control which options are shown on different checkout pages. 

There is an old pluggin that looks like it might have been perfect but it's quite old and annoyingly doesn't work with the latest version of WordPress. 


MemberMouse has decided to include this feature in our pipeline for a future release. We thank you for your input and will update this post once work has begun.

Please Note--MemberMouse does not give estimated dates of implementation.

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