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Automatically add and remove members to a designated Facebook Group

 One big trend right now is foregoing doing an onsite forum and instead manually adding members to a Facebook Group. However, there is one company out there called ValueAddon that automatically syncs all their members to a Facebook group. On their home page scroll down to where it says "Charge and Automate access to your Facebook Group" They are claiming title to being the ONLY tool to be able to automatically add and remove members to a Facebook as members are added and removed from your membership system. Here's their site: The reason I didn't go with them is they are part of JVZoo and I don't like how all of your customers are marketed to and your affiliates are promoted other affiliate programs.Are you guys currently working on a solution to allow Membermouse Members to automatically be synced to a Facebook group?  ValueAddon is doing it by using a Facebook app. You can see their latest YouTube video on how their customers integrate it.

If you guys build some kind of tool to do this you guys would be the ONLY Wordpress Membership solution that does this.

For example DigitalMarketer has a Facebook Group as part of their paid membership with over 8,000 members, and they have a fulltime Community manager that MANUALLY adds and removes members as they come and go. They use Memberium with Infusionsoft.. This would give you guys a HUGE marketing differentiator (and it will save me a ton of time and money manually adding and removing members). I even did a manual poll inside the Digital Marketer group and asked which is everyone doing and why: Wordpress forum plugins, or manually adding members to a Facebook Group. It was HANDS DOWN Facebook Groups all the way. Everyone says it's because people are already on Facebook, Facebook's mobile app allows your members to be engaged while mobile, overall just more engagement to your community because of all I have mentioned plus Facebook notifications and on and on, lol.  Anyway, the point that Facebook may charge pay to play to groups someday was also brought up, but several people said it was worth the risk, and wouldn't be that hard to move your members out of a Facebook group anyway. By the way, I have actually had a unique view of watching this whole issue with someone I am a member of his group and I THINK he uses Membermouse. That is Greg O'Gallagher of He moved over to using a forum plugin because even though at first he wanted to use Facebook groups he didn't want to have to pay someone to add and remove members to a Facebook group or do it himself is my understanding why he made the move. A Facebook sync tool would solve this problem. Please, please, pleas pass this last question/explanation/plead to add this feature on to whoever would make a decision to add something like this. 

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Thank you for your input! Even though MemberMouse will not be implementing this suggestion, your feature request provides valuable insight into the needs of our community and helps shape future plugin decisions.

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