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Resume a canceled subscription

We're using the subscription to sell bundles via installment plans. They get permanent access to the bundle once they complete the installments. On occasion we have people cancel, then months later want to resume. I have been handling this by making a new product with the remaining number of months on their account, or just tweaking an existing product that no one is currently subscribed to, but I think this is messy.

It would be great to have either, a way to reinstate a canceled rebill (with customer interaction to reenter their billing details would be fine). Or a coupon that reduces the number of installments.

For example, if the installment plan is 5 x $50, they paid 2x50 before canceling. Now they want to continue so I have them buy the 5x$50 plan again and give them a coupon that takes the final two payments off.

Or just a button that starts the rebilling again. However I still want everyone else who asked us to cancel to go into canceled status as it currently is.

To clarify, this request is when a person (customer or us) manually initiates a cancellation, I'd like an easy way to resume the billing they were on. I have been doing it manually. 

This is not about the automatic cancellation on failed billings. That is discussed here:

Thank you for your input! Even though MemberMouse will not be implementing this suggestion, your feature request provides valuable insight into the needs of our community and helps shape future plugin decisions.

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