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Membership and Product Option Requests

I have built dozens of membership sites over the years and used a ton of different membership plugins on Wordpress and Components on Joomla. MemberMouse is outstanding and easy to use and very adaptable but there is a gap in it.

1. There is no way to offer a product without asking for a payment method upfront. I realize some sites use that strategy to weed out the "tire kickers" and riff raff but it also can scare away others who want to try the product or service but don't want to give their payment info just yet... also, it can create refund issues when people forget to cancel before the trial period is over. I have seen a ton of big and small sites use both methods... some asking for payment info upfront... some not doing that.

There should be a way or an option where you can offer a product with a free trial and during the free trial, the user doesn't have to give payment info. Or perhaps offer a Free product... which you can't do with MM right now.

2. Because of #1, the only way I see you can accomplish the goal of getting people a free trial without having them put in their payment info is to offer a Premium Free Trial membership that expires. The problem with that is a person can keep using that Premium Free Trial Membership... as there is no way to limit the memberships to just 1 free trial.

So, I would suggest:

1. Having an option to limit an IP and/or email address to only "X" amount of amount of times they can have that membership. ie. call it free trial mode in the backend of MM... where they can have a particular membership just one time.

2. Having a Free Product and/or a away to have a product where an option exists where we can say ask for payment info now... or later.

PS - another issue... unrelated to the above is there should be a more flexible way or a way at all to send emails to clients who are about to come off a free trial. There is no real way via emails/push notifications to send emails out before "X" amount of days prior to a free trial expiring.

Also, adding a way to send out an email to people post expiration... like some sort of "come back" email.


Another thing that would be nice although mostly unrelated to what I said previously but is another suggestion for MM is if there is a way within the MM backend to automatically downgrade someone to a default membership once the free trial one or a paid one expires/cancels. Right now you have to use a push notification along with a script to change someone to for example, a default free membership level once something expires or cancels. Although I know how to do that as I can code and such... I would imagine a lot of people don't. Plus, it would be quicker for people like me to select a setting rather than go through the process we have to now.

Thank you for those suggestions! As of right now, expiring members after a free trial is the best option. One thing you commented on, sending expired members a 'come back' email, you can do this using push notifications. That will send your members an email as soon as they are expired. And, if you want to send them another reminder, later on, you can do so if you have mapped your membership levels. Then all expired members will be moved to the canceled list in your email service provider.  

I know you can send emails as they expire. I was talking about sending trial emails BEFORE they expire... like a reminder. It's easier to nudge somebody to stay then to come back after they have gone.

Thank you for your input! Even though MemberMouse will not be implementing this suggestion, your feature request provides valuable insight into the needs of our community and helps shape future plugin decisions.

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