LimeLight Not Displaying in Payment Settings

Hi there..

I came across this LimeLight Integration video on the MemberMouse support forum:

In the video there appears to be a "LimeLight" option in the Payment Settings tab (see below).

Inline image 1

Unfortunately, we aren't seeing this option on our end. See below:

Inline image 2

Is there an extension/plugin we are missing?

Hi Lisa,

Limelight integration is only available for those with a Premium account. This is likely why you're not seeing the option.

For more information on what's included in the different MemberMouse accounts you can take a look at the MemberMouse Plan Descriptions.


Well, this is not cool. Limelight is already expensive on it's own, at least you could give the integration on the Advanced account, so when the customer has a larger base he can migrate to a higher plan instead of forcing him to opt for premium.


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