Dripped Content

Someone buys a 30-day course on my website. The course would consist of 30 short 3-5 minute videos.

The videos 'unlock' and reveal themselves to the user at a rate of one per day - but each video only unlocks if the user logs into the site that day.

I don't want something automatic - like a marketing email that automatically sends out an email each day with a link to a video in it - regardless of whether or not the user actually reads the email.

Ideally this could be a wordpress or weebly app or plugin - or I could repurpose some other tool in order to be able to do this myself without needing a web developer or something too custom.

What would this type of feature even be called? Does anyplace have something like this available?

Membermouse already supports dripped content. The feature is under Products/Dripped Content Schedule. For a more sophisticated system look at WP Courseware, which I am satisfied with for 7 courses comprised of videos and text units delivered over 8-10 weeks. There are other options as well.

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