Integrating Groups in Mailchimp

Hello, this feature is a crucial one for who uses Mailchimp. In the integration with Mailchimp in Membermouse, I can choose just the list where the customer will end up, but not the group.

Mailchimp works with List and Groups, and if I can't choose the group the integration is almost useless.

Hope it's gonna be integrated soon.

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Please add this!!


The Mailchimp integration without groups make it useless! Hope you'll solve this quickly...


Please solve the integration issue to map from MM to MC segment quickly.


...Been waiting on this for more than a year. Seems others have been begging for this for two years. 

I have the same feeling. There are requests that are 2 years old with several people asking for them, and still nothing.

It seems no one is working on Membermouse new features! :(


Hope someone is reading this... I opened this thread 5 months ago and still nothing.

Our team at MemberMouse do regularly read and review the posts in the feature requests forum. We value it because it's a good way to keep track of the features that are important to our customers and to add to the discussion about the product roadmap. As it states in the description of the forum, however, approval of the post by the support team does not equate to a promise to implement it. Ultimately, many factors are taken into account by the development team when deciding upon new features and the scheduling of these, customers' requests are one of these factors. 

Thanks for the reply Cynthia. It's just weird that a core feature of Mailchimp isn't integrated in Membermouse.

What should the people using Mailchimp do?

Currently, our email integration works the same across all of the supported email providers. If you need to do something based on a feature of a particular provider, you can set up a customized process instead. This article explains more about how to do that:

Zapier is an example of a service that could be used to set up a more customized email integration:


Groups are not a marginal feature of Mailchimp, they're a main part of the provider.

Integrate the lists of mailchimp without groups, makes the entire integration meaningless.

I wonder how all your clients with mailchimp haven't already protested because of it.

Cynthia and Ed,

I would like to add, as a membermouse customer for about two years now, I am in the dark as to where the plugin is headed. I opened a ticket a while ago asking for a roadmap, and I was given an explanation that "new features and updates are completed and released when the work is done so unfortunately we don't have specific estimates on when this will be".

But it is frustrating not knowing what features are on the horizon. We don't need to know exact dates, but when I am facing the prospect of having a feature built by a developer, I want to know the same feature isn't being built by membermouse. The only thing listed as "in progress" in the forum is "tax support" and that was 3 years ago. The "most popular" feature, which has 3 pages of replies, and was started 3 years ago, has no feedback on the post from membermouse staff.

Basically, just let us know what features are on the horizon - we don't need specific dates, just a general idea. 

Also, the forum software doesn't make it clear how to vote. I had to look around and it took me a while to realize there is a little link in the top of the page to say you like this post. A simple change in the wording of the button and the css could really help you clarify what people want. Everyone here believes you have to post "+1" to vote. (P.S. Below I added some css you could use).

Sorry to vent my frustrations here, but I would be surprised if others don't feel the same way.

#topic-vote-up-button {
    background: #42a042;
    border: 1px solid #42a042;
    border-radius: 5px;
    color: white;
    padding: 10px;

#topic-vote-up-button:after {
    content: " Click here to vote for this feature.";


I totally agree with you Jon. That's why we wrote above that looks like no one is checking the feature requests. It looks like we're left alone with our requests.

Especially for main requests like this one (and I don't think it's a huge one cause other platforms like Clickfunnels, Leadpages, iGloo... added this feature in a few days after they realized how Mailchimp works) we'd need a general idea of when it will be implemented (if it will be).

I don't want to sound frustrated as well, especially cause I like Membermouse, but the Support Center, one of the reasons why members love a product, is completely abandoned.

MemberMouse has decided to include this feature in our pipeline for a future release. We thank you for your input and will update this post once work has begun.

You can always see what is on our road map by filtering the forums by "Planned", "In Progress", or "Deferred". Doing this will list any features that are currently marked to be implemented in some way at some point.

Please Note: MemberMouse does not give estimated dates of implementation.

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