Integrating Groups in Mailchimp

Hello, this feature is a crucial one for who uses Mailchimp. In the integration with Mailchimp in Membermouse, I can choose just the list where the customer will end up, but not the group.

Mailchimp works with List and Groups, and if I can't choose the group the integration is almost useless.

Hope it's gonna be integrated soon.

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Glad to hear this is on the roadmap! 

As others have said it is very difficult to use mailchimp effectively if you have to set up a new list for each membership type. We really need the ability to choose a list and then a group so you can have one list and several groups instead of several separate lists.

Look forward to an update soon, thanks guys!

It would also be very nice to add the capability to tie in purchases to the mailchimp ecommerce capabilities. Seeing a connection between sales and which emails prompted those sales would be huge.

 Ditto! I really, really need this.

+1 I really need this!

Please could you let me know if this has been implemented yet? Still deciding whether to join Member no use or not.....

Hello Louis, 

This feature is currently planned, but there is no progress to report at this time. 

Rest assured, we will update this post once more information regarding this feature request becomes available :) 

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