Show Partial Names in Manage Members

For free members who sign up, I only ask for the bare minimum (first name, email, and PW).  I don't need or want the last name - extra fields like these can negatively impact conversions.

But in the Manage Members section, it looks like the last name is absolutely required to show any data in the "Name" column.  If a user only provides first names, the entire column stays blank.

See here:

Would it be possible to show values in this column - regardless of how much info the user provides?

If a user enters John, the name column shows John.  

If a user enters John + Smith, the name column shows Smith, John.


This has been implemented in the latest minor release of the plugin, MM 2.2.6-102. A missing first or last name will no longer cause the names column to be blank.


Yay.  Thanks guys.  I see the names now.

Because this has been implemented, this thread is now closed.

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