Add re-bill frequency and duration options

The current re-bill policy is this "Depending on the payment method you've integrated with, MemberMouse will automatically attempt to rebill the customer 3 more times. The first attempt will occur 2 days after the initial attempt. The second attempt will occur 5 days after the initial attempt. The third attempt will occur 7 days after the initial attempt. If the final rebill attempt fails, MemberMouse will automatically cancel the member's access rights." I propose allowing admins to choose the frequency and duration of the re-bill attempts. Ex; every day for 30 days, every other day for 2 weeks, just once after 1 day Billing attempt schedules should be determined by the biller

Thank you for this suggestion! This feature request or some aspect of the functionality suggested is currently being reviewed for possible inclusion in a future update. If there is additional information, this post will be updated to reflect it.

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