Push Notifications based on Membership Level Status "Pending Activation" & "Error"

I'd like to be able to trigger push notifications based on declined first payments, which result in a membership level status of "error" when using Stripe/Braintree and "Pending Activation" when using Paypal**.

Currently it's not available as an option (it's only available in "Bundle Status Change" which doesn't work since a declined order for a bundle doesn't result in a Bundle being added to the account, thus there's no status to change).

** Whenever a customer checks out with Paypal, MemberMouse immediately creates an account with the status "Pending Activation". If they complete their purchase through Paypal, their status changes to "Active". If they don't complete the purchase, it stays "Pending Activation". 

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Yes, please add this feature. It is much needed!

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