Create Gift Codes

Every year we hand out about 2 dozen free subscriptions or free access to our products. They are prizes at various conferences and events that get raffled off. But they have to contact us and we have to manually activate their access.

It would be terrific if we could generate gift codes that we can pre-populate printed Gift Certificates that get handed to the winners. This way they can enter the Gift code in the Coupon Code area and automatically start their membership.

We could possibly do this with an actual Coupon - but it makes no sense to create 1-off Coupons for each and every give-away for years on end.

In the implementation we'd like to see every Product have a 'generate Gift Code' option that we can give a short name / description. And then we can copy  / paste it into the Gift Certificates we create and hand out. Plus a report that shows us the status of Gift Codes and we can archive older un-used Gift Codes (or set an expiration date that automatically archives them).

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