Translate member-facing content

Membermouse needs to have the ability to translate member-facing content easily.  Specially on the checkout and membership pages where the user needs to review his personal information:


-Placeholder text for login/registration fields.


-Subscription information (Start date, description, Amount, Update billing details, cancel membersip)

-Purchase history (Order #, Order Date, Description, Amount, Type)

This should be standard with Membermouse, plus it's not a very hard implementation. A lot of us have international sites which cater to non-english speakers which need to have all visual information available in their language. 

Hi Alex, 

Most of the things that your customers will be interacting with via your website, and member portal, can already be translated as the majority of customer-facing content that MemberMouse creates is simply HTML text that can be modified via the WordPress editor. There are a few instances where items can either not be translated, or require more coding than just changing the HTML in order to translate. Wherever possible we've suggested other methods of translating these elements.

If you are interested in learning more about how to accomplish this translation process, you can read over the article here:

The section titled "Translate Member-Facing Content" at the bottom has more details on this process. 

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