Remove decimal points

Many of us have products/plans/services that are in whole numbers so when you show it on the checkout page, it will show .00 after the whole number.

So if you are selling $99, then it will show up as $99.00 and this does not look esthetically pleasing. Psychologically it's been shown that this is not a good number to show and it should be kept a round number without decimals.

Please vote on this if you feel that MemberMouse should add a feature which will remove the decimals whenever it is .00. Of course, the decimals would show if it's anything other than a whole number.

Vote in!

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I totally agree! It's something that has bothered me for quite some time. I find myself having to work around this when mentioning pricing elsewhere on custom checkout pages. I have to add the decimals to prices that have strikes so that they will match the formatting I'm stuck with from the MM software.

I'm just creating some new products and I'm finding it incredibly frustrating that I'm forced to display .00 after all my prices. There is really no point in showing someone that they are not going to pay any cents!

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