Generate an "auto-login" link to any page which can be included in any email

I often find when I'm emailing back and forth with a member to help them with something, I would like to send them a link to a particular page and that link would automatically log them into their account so the member can easily proceed with what I'm helping them with.

I know that if MemberMouse is sending the email, you can use a special shortcode to do this. But it would be incredibly helpful to have a special screen in MemberMouse like so:


Enter the member's email address: _______

Enter the url on the site to generate an auto-login token for: _____


Then the form returns a link like this which you can copy and paste into your email to the member:

When you're in a business that involves membership and logging in and you don't want to lose a member's business, it's important to make it as easy on them as possible. So having an easy auto-login link capability would be really handy.

Thanks for listening

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