Features and updates you should have

1. Much better tracking and reporting for recurring memberships. Look at baremetrics.com for basic ideas. It is important to show MMR, lifetime revenue, activated memberships, canceled memberships, etc. Another option would be to activate a subscription in stripe. That way 3rd party programs like Baremetrics can be used. 2. All reports in reporting suite should show a total. All reports should also be exported to CSV. This should be incredibly simple to implement. 3. Provide the ability to track free trial members better. Report should show converted members in %, open members, total free trial members, and expired members. This is essential for improving a free trial and evaluating the effectiveness of a free trial 4. In Grant access, have the ability to check off multiple memberships at once or select all. It can be incredibly time consuming having to go through each membership individually. This is a no brainier. It should be fixed asap.

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Is there any update on this request? I agree especially with #3, having recently launched free trials on my memberships. I have no clue how to simply get a list of trials that have converted to paid or that have cancelled/expired. Maybe there is a way to do this, but I can't figure it out. Please consider this request in the next update. And Yes 100% to #4 request!

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