Gifting function: Please avoid existing members leaving recurring billing when redeeming

Currently, if an existing active member receives and redeems a giftcard she will be moved from her recurringly billing membership to the giftcard mamebership, thus exiting the billing cycle. This could result in loosing her as a paying costume. This setup goes straight against the purpose of having a membership site with the recurring payment as the core of the business.

Furthermore - lets say a person receives 3 giftcertificates for X-mas, since such gift has been on her wishing list. Now, when redeeming them one after the other, they will "take eachothers place" so to speak. The person will end up only receiving the period that is on the latter of the redeemed giftcard. 

This lack is an odd one, and make the giftfunctionality seem very incomplete. 

Also, if the purchaser of the giftcard is loosing the email with the giftcard, and does not know, that she can log in to find it, she will write costumersupport, who will then need to login as this person to get the gift-link. The gifting link should be available somewhere from the managemembers area - like somewhere on the acces right tab, for instance. Then costumer service can easily acces the link, and send it to costumer

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