Make sure member receives extended time on subscription when cancelling.

Having had an issue, it is a good compensation to add free time on members membership. Can be done postponing next scheduled payment date. 

As of now system a cancellation from member after the "original" period just shuts membership down. 

I request, that it will continue untill the next payment date (that I have set) as usual.


  • payment Dec11th (makes next payment date to be Jan11th)
  • adding extra month on Jan 1st => next payment will be Feb11th.
  • if member cancels Jan15th, she should hav acces untill Feb11th.
Please fix this - it must be pretty obvious, that I as the provider of the service should be able to determine the lenght of acces an not need to keep track every single member I have given and extension, and how long.

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