MailChimp integration for canceled members.

I have been in touch with MailChimp about an issue on your integration and we reached a point where they say you guys need to change your API call. Right now when users cancel from a membership bundle their email gets "REMOVED" from the list on mailchip as if they were never there before. The correct way would be to " unsubscribe" them from the list, not to remove them.
Here is what I am trying to accomplish: Get members who canceled to resubscribe and inform them of our police on using downloaded materials after they unsubscribe.

Until now I have been putting all canceled members on a list called " canceled members" and sending them emails that way. However this is not efficient because I have various membership levels so emails need to be based on which email list they were originally in, not all grouped together. But since you are moving them from one list to another instead of "a PATCH call to update their information and add something to a list field like "Canceled" or "Removed"" Here is what mailchimp says:

So before the subscriber is fully removed from the MailChimp list, but they want to cancel their membership, the API will need to update their profile with the cancel information instead of deleting them immediately.
This will allow them to receive one last email with the cancelation notice before they're removed.
Then they can be added to the Canceled Members list.

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