With MemberMouse you can configure two types of payment methods: onsite and offsite. Onsite payment methods allow you to collect credit card information right on your site, which means, the customers can complete the entire checkout process without being directed to another site. If you're using an onsite payment method you'll need to ensure your site is secure by acquiring an SSL certificate. Read this article to learn more about securing your site with HTTPS.

With offsite payment methods, MemberMouse sends the customer to a secure 3rd party website to complete their purchase. Following the successful completion of their order on the 3rd party site, MemberMouse will be notified and the appropriate account-related actions will be taken. PayPal is an example of an offsite payment method.

MemberMouse allows you to have multiple payment methods active at the same time to give your customers more options. For example, by using Authorize.net and PayPal, customers can either pay with their credit card or PayPal account. You can use MemberMouse's test payment service while you're setting up your site.

The table below is a list of the current payment methods you can use with MemberMouse along with the capabilities they support:

Payment Method Onsite Card Processing Card on File Coupons Automated Overdue Payment Handling Automated Rebill Attempts International Currency Support
Authorize.net     *
Authorize.net CIM *
Braintree *
ClickBank           *
Lime Light   *
PayPal         *
Stripe *
Coinbase           *
Coinbase - Wallet Ignored           *

* see this article for a complete list of supported currencies for each payment method