SmartTags are shortcodes that allow you to add all kinds of functionality to your WordPress pages without having to know anything about programming.

SmartTags allow you to:

  1. Dynamically display content based on member attributes
  2. Display account and user data including custom fields dynamically based on the logged in member
  3. Target upsell and downsell offers dynamically based on the referring affiliate, order or member attributes
  4. Create dynamic forms that show or hide input sections based on the associated product attributes
  5. Display description, billing and shipping information specific to the associated product
  6. Create Smart Links with features like 1-click ordering if the user has a stored payment profile, and directing other users to the checkout page

SmartTags put you in the driver's seat. You can even put a decision tag on a MemberMouse email, confirmation page or thank you page and display relevant products after a purchase. The possibilities are endless.

Because MemberMouse functions as part content-protection system and part CRM, you get unparalleled flexibility to display dynamic content such as first name, last name, products ordered, membership level, referring affiliate and more. SmartTags allow you to be creative and customize your website and sales process in ways that other membership plugins and CRM platforms simply can't match.

Below is a list of different kinds of SmartTags that can be used inside of MemberMouse. Click on a SmartTag below to get more information:

Content SmartTags

Core Page SmartTags

Custom Field SmartTags

Decision SmartTags

Employee SmartTags

Error SmartTags

Form SmartTags

Member SmartTags

Order SmartTags

Product SmartTags