What We Support (With Great Enthusiasm!)

We Do Not Support (Things Outside of MemberMouse)

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What We Support (With Great Enthusiasm!)

MemberMouse Software

Our customer success team is here to help answer any questions you have in regards to using the MemberMouse software. This includes installing MemberMouse, configuring MemberMouse and troubleshooting using MemberMouse's built-in features. If you're unsure if your issue falls within our support policy, feel free to ask. We provide excellent support for MemberMouse questions.

We Do Not Support (Things Outside of MemberMouse)


Web Hosting Issues & WordPress Installation ("Environment")

MemberMouse is a WordPress plugin. In order to use our software the customer needs to provide the appropriate environment which includes a website hosting provider and a functioning WordPress installation ("Environment"). The customer is fully responsible for acquiring and supporting the Environment in which our software runs. The MemberMouse customer success team will inform customers if a particular question is related to the Environment after which time the customer should contact the party responsible for maintaining the Environment ("Environment Support").

Our customer success team can only provide support in an Environment where an officially supported version of WordPress is being used. See our WordPress Compatibility article for more details.

The MemberMouse team cannot interact with the Environment Support representative or review/interpret any documents provided to the Client by the Environment Support representative. When working with an Environment Support representative, FAQs related to the Environment can be found in the MemberMouse Support Center.


WordPress Themes, Plugins and Custom Code ("3rd Party Software")

Other software is typically installed and run in the same Environment as MemberMouse. This can include themes, plugins and custom code ("3rd Party Software"). We adhere to WordPress plugin development best practices to ensure that the probability of conflicts with 3rd Party Software is minimal. If the author of 3rd Party Software running in the Environment doesn't adhere to best practices or has an issue, this can result in MemberMouse's operation being adversely affected. The MemberMouse customer success team cannot help to troubleshoot issues introduced by 3rd Party Software running in the Environment.

IMPORTANT: Before our team can look into an issue with the MemberMouse software you'll need to be able to recreate the issue in a clean Environment where no 3rd Party Software is running. This article will walk you through the steps to create a clean Environment.

If a theme, plugin or custom code is causing an issue the best course of action is to contact the author of the 3rd Party Software for support or discontinue use of the offending software.


WordPress Theme & Plugin Selection

There are thousands of themes and plugins available in the market and many resources that help to locate the best plugin for a particular need. The MemberMouse customer success team cannot offer recommendations on themes or plugins based on your individual requirements. Here is a list of some of the top WordPress theme providers that you can use as a starting point.


Questions on MemberMouse Plugin Code

For efficiency of support, we will not discuss the MemberMouse code, how it functions, or our database structure. Furthermore, any modifications to our code or the database represents a breach of our terms of use and we will no longer be able to provide support following that. For legitimate development purposes, we'll most likely answer any questions you may have regarding our plugin. Developers looking to extend the platform should first look to find answers in our API, PHP Interface, WordPress Hooks and Push Notification documentation.


MemberMouse Code and Database Modifications

Modification of the MemberMouse code or database tables represents a breach of the terms of use of the MemberMouse software. If our customer success team detects that any changes to the MemberMouse code or database tables have been modified they will be unable to provide support until the code or database is returned to an unaltered form. If the code or database is not returned to an unaltered form then MemberMouse reserves the right to terminate service.


Recommended Resources

3rd Party Solutions

As a convenience to our customers we highlight some useful 3rd party solutions that were built by our customers or our developers to work with MemberMouse. We provide these as a convenience only and cannot provide support in relation to them.

WordPress Fundamentals

The MemberMouse customer success team cannot help with questions relating to using WordPress. Here are a couple of good resources for learning how to use WordPress: https://learn.wordpress.com/ & https://www.wp101.com/.