Upselling is a sales strategy where the seller will provide opportunities to purchase related products or services, often for the sole purpose of making a larger sale. In MemberMouse you can create upsell offers using product-specific confirmation pages or [MM_Order_Decision] SmartTags to display the upsell offer to members in a targeted way.

Product-Specific Confirmation Pages

The confirmation core page is where a user is directed after they've made a purchase. There is one default confirmation core page and you can optionally create additional confirmation pages specific to the product just purchased. Knowing this we can create several confirmation pages to display upsell offers specific to what was just purchased.

Order Decision SmartTag

The second way we can create an upsell is with the [MM_Order_Decision] SmartTag. This tag is used to show or hide content based on information associated with the current order. Knowing that we can create a SmartTag to show us information about a special offer on product B if product A is being purchased.

Here's an example:

[MM_Order_Decision productId='1']
Why stick to a Silver Membership? Upgrade to gold for $10 more!
<a href="[MM_Purchase_Link productId='2']">Buy Now</a>