Before reading this article, make sure that you have configured MemberMouse with your email service provider. Read this article to learn more about integrating with an email service provider.  If you are coming to MemberMouse with existing members, you will want to read the Importing Existing Members Into a Mailing List article as well to learn how to best handle these user lists.

After you've configured your email service provider in the Email Integrations tab, and click the Configure button, you will be presented with options for mapping your membership levels in MemberMouse to specific mailing lists you have created with your email service provider. By mapping prospect list, cancellation list and membership levels to your mailing lists, MemberMouse will automatically update the mailing lists when specific changes happen to members on your site.

  1. Prospect List (optional): This list is commonly used to store emails of potential members for your site, such as a newsletter list. The benefit to mapping the Prospect List is that when someone on this list registers to be a member, MemberMouse will remove them from this list and they will not receive emails sent to the Prospect List. If your membership levels have been mapped to mailing lists as well, new members will automatically be put on the appropriate mailing list based on the mapping you've configured.

  2. Cancellation List (optional): When the status of a member's membership changes to canceled, paused or expired, they can be moved to a specific mailing list for canceled members. Simply specify the mailing list you wish to use for canceled members.

To map your membership levels to a mailing list, simply select the mailing list from the drop down on the right that corresponds to the membership level you want to associate with it. Mapping is optional. You can leave it set to None if you do not want to map it to a mailing list. When a membership level is mapped to a mailing list, MemberMouse will automatically add members to that list when they sign up for the associated membership level.

Once you have mapped your membership level to mailing lists as desired, simply click the  button to save your settings.

Note: Now that you've mapped your membership levels to mailing lists in your email service provider, going forward all members that sign up with be automatically processed by MemberMouse and added to the appropriate mailing list. Members that existed prior to this configuration will not automatically be added to the mailing lists. Read this article to learn how to import existing members into a mailing list.


If you're not seeing the list mappings show up check to make sure that you don't have any special characters in the mailing list names on your email service provider.