This tag outputs data associated with the employee account associated with the ID passed. If no ID is passed either the default account is used or, if the tag is used in the context of a welcome email or other email template, the employee account used to send that message is used.


id (optional) - Takes a number that is associated with the employee account to retrieve data for. If no ID is passed, the default employee account will be used.

name - Indicates what type of data to output from the employee account. Below is a list of acceptable values:

Value Description
displayName Outputs the employee's display name
firstName Outputs the employee's first name
lastName Outputs the employee's last name
email Outputs the employee's email address
phone Outputs the employee's phone number


<a href="mailto:[MM_Employee_Data id='2' name='email']">[MM_Employee_Data id='2' name='displayName']</a>